What is the most important thing when it comes to ecommerce websites design? How to design your future website? Read this article and find out!

 The ecommerce sales are growing fast and we can all agree that without an ecommerce store you can’t expect to run a successful business. The ecommerce is big business and it has been for a very long time. Before we all know that ecommerce websites were treated with suspicion by the online shoppers, however, today it has become as common as sending a message or checking an email. Even though there are some internet users who have never purchased online before, they are getting rarer and rarer every day.

When it comes to launching an ecommerce site, the ecommerce websites design is probably the first thing you should focus on. The design of your ecommerce website will attract potential customers and will convince them to stay and browse through the products you offer.

One of the biggest differences in how to design an ecommerce website is based on determining whether it is a single-product or a multi-product site. A website that sells tons of different items has various needs when compared to one that sells only one item. The single-product websites usually require only one page and they are formatted and designed like a letter. Others have multiple pages, but they are relatively simpler designed from an architecture point of view.

A website that sells multiple products usually requires multiple pages and each page should be properly organized so that the visitor can find quickly what he is looking for.

 The design process is not different from designing any other website, however, there are things you should take into consideration. If you want to establish a product store or line, there are likely going to be multiple constructs in place. You need to determine these from the start. Another thing to consider is whether there are enough photos or perhaps budget to take new ones.

There are 3 things that every ecommerce website needs – trustworthiness, simplicity and ease of use, and transparency. You need to make sure all of these 3 things are included in your online store you currently design, together with the best practices – high-quality photos (a lot of photos), highlight scarcity, attract attention to related items, make it super easy to share, make sure all product descriptions are detailed, and also simplify the checkout process.