Here is a short comparison of the most popular platforms – ecommerce solution Shopify and ecommerce solution Zoey! Read this article and discover which one is better for your business!

 Reliable and dedicated ecommerce platforms offer you a chance and full functionality for promoting and selling your products online. Two of the most popular ecommerce platforms are Shopify and Zoey. These platforms covered the range of startups and small businesses, when it comes to selling tools, price, and ease of use. Here is a short comparison of ecommerce solution Shopify and ecommerce solution Zoey that will help you decide which of these two platforms is better for you and your business.

  • Shopify is considered to be the best dedicated ecommerce platform. They offer absolutely every feature a small business needs to sell items online, including an easy-to-use interface. Shopify is known as all-in-one selling solution and comes with a full suite of web store, social, marketplace, and in-person selling features. From processing orders to tracking inventory and printing shipping labels, you can do everything you want within Shopify’s intuitive dashboard. The best things about Shopify is they provide sitewide HTTP security on absolutely every plan and delivers a connected store management solution. This means that you don’t have to control shipping, payment, and POS solutions from various providers. Shopify Shipping, Shopify Payments, and Shopify Retail can work together to combine every facet of sales and shipping with mobile sales, as well as, physical sales.
  • Zoey is built on the Magento ecommerce platform which is globally utilized by many internet brands and power sellers. In the ecommerce world, Magento makes everything possible, however, you have to know how to arrange everything together. Thanks to this platform, online sellers who want to upgrade from BigCommerce and Shopify, can now use Magento’s power without spending all of their money. The best things about Zoey is that it is fully customizable and it offers amazing scalability. Any page can be customized using Zoey’s drag-and-drop editor. You can easily change a color, move a button, rearrange anything you think is suitable, and etc. The ecommerce function, as well as, the feature options are wide open. You can add specific and targeted functions, support lots of volume selling needs, and deliver any customer experience to meet your buyers’ needs.
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 Now you have all the information you need, it is up to you to decide!